Mercedes-Benz: The King of Instagram

We sincerely hope that you are having a great month of July thus far! Things are going great as always at Plaza Mercedes-Benz. Our blog post this month will highlight the fact that Mercedes-Benz is dominating the social media space as it relates to Instagram. You won’t believe our numbers and growth rate. Our hope is that you enjoy this article, and even take a minute and browse our Mercedes-Benz official Instagram page if you haven’t already.


Currently, our official company Instagram account has a total of 22 million followers. What a number! This puts us squarely in first place when compared with all other automotive brands. Are you following our official Instagram page? If not, take a minute and do so!

One of the main drivers of increased growth of Mercedes-Benz Instagram accounts centers around creative content curation. Our company focuses lots of attention on producing user generated content as opposed to all of the messaging and marketing coming from headquarters only. Allowing customers and fans to be involved in the content process increases engagement, and boosts growth.

At Plaza Mercedes-Benz, we take pride in consistently keeping you informed about the latest news, developments, and new vehicles launches that occur. We firmly believe that an informed customer is the best one to have! If you are in need of any service work done on your vehicle, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here.

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Team Plaza Mercedes-Benz

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