IMPORTANT! 2008-2012 C-Class, C 200 Kompressor, C 230, C 280, C 350, E-Class, E 250, E 300, E 350, E 350 4MATIC, E 400 4MATIC, E 500, E 500 4MATIC, E 63 AMG, GLK-Class, GLK 350, GLK 350 4MATIC, SLS-Class, SLS AMG, SLS AMG GT owners may be affected! Contact us today to see if your vehicle is affected.

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Mercedes-Benz Takata Airbag Recall | Mercedes Dealership Near Me

Mercedes-Benz USA has issued a recall involving certain Model Year 2008-2012 C-Class, E-Class, GLK-Class and SLS-Class Mercedes-Benz vehicles. What is the concern? The passenger-side airbag is affected by this recall based on the defect decision of TK Holdings, Inc., more commonly referred to as Takata. There have been many Takata airbag recalls with multiple brands, not just with Mercedes-Benz. Under certain circumstances, in a creash that necessitates frontal airbag deployment, the defect in the passenger-side airbag inflator may cause the inflator housing to rupture.

Mercedes-Benz is taking all of the necessesary measures to remedy this situation for you. Contact Plaza Motor Company in St Louis to see if your vehicle has been affected by this Takata airbag recall. Our service department will get you in and back on the road in no time at no cost to you. Just click here to input your VIN number or click below to give our team a call. We can schedule your service appointment once we determine if your car is affected. Contact Plaza Mercedes-Benz today to learn more about the Takata Airbag Recall.

How do I know whether my car is affected by the recall?

There are several ways to check whether your specific car is affected. You'll need your vehicle identification number, VIN, found in the lower driver-side corner of the windshield (observable from outside the vehicle), as well as on your registration and insurance documents. Punch that number into NHTSA's online VIN-lookup tool. If your vehicle is affected, the site will tell you so. NHTSA also has a list of vehicles available for a quick review, and the manufacturers have ownership sections on their websites for such information. Or you can call any franchised dealer for your car brand.

How important is that I respond to the recall?

All recalls, by definition, are concerned with safety and should be treated seriously. As with all recalls, we recommend having the work performed as soon as parts are available and the service can be scheduled.
Mercedes-Benz Recall

I'm worried about driving, what should I do until the fix is made?

If you use the VIN-lookup tool and it says that the problem involves the driver's side, you should do what you can to minimize your risk. If possible, consider:
  • Minimizing your driving.
  • Carpooling with someone whose vehicle is not affected by the recall.
  • Utilizing public transportation.
  • Renting a car.
Renting a car until yours is repaired can prove expensive and ultimately might not be the ideal solution. Asking your dealer whether they will provide one, or a loaner vehicle might be worth a try if it accomplishes nothing else than putting some pressure on the manufacturer. If you do get a rental car, as with any new vehicle or rental, take some time to familiarize yourself with its operation before driving.

Should I expect to pay any money to get the recall fix?

Repairs conducted under the recall are free, but unrelated problems discovered during the service may not be.
Grab Your VIN
VIN # is a acronym for Vehicle Identification Number. Every car is assigned a VIN # and your local dealership can look up this number to see history of the vehicle, recalls on the vehicle, and specific details about the vehicle.

The easiest way to view it is to stand outside the vehicle on the driver's side and look at the corner of the dashboard where it meets the windshield. If the VIN cannot be found there, open the driver's side door and look at the door post (where the door latches when it is closed).
Check for an Active Recall
You may use the online tool to check, or call our recall hotline at 888-593-1883.
Schedule an Appointment
If you have an active recall, schedule your appointment online, or call our recall hotline at 888-593-1883.

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