Plaza Motor Company's Trade Up Vehicle Exchange Program

Is it time for an upgrade? Plaza Motor Company makes it easy to trade-in your old Mercedes-Benz car or SUV and drive home in a newer model with the Trade Up vehicle exchange program. Keep reading to find out more, or contact our Trade Up Specialist today!
Mercedes-Benz Trade In Value 

Benefits of the Trade Up Vehicle Exchange Program

Trading in your car does have its benefits. If you're weighing the pros and cons, keep the following advantages purchasing or leasing a new car through our Trade Up program in mind:
 Drive a new car with NO miles on it
• Make a comparable payment for a superior vehicle
• Save money with a better fuel economy*
• Deal with less maintenance from wear and tear*
• Enjoy new features & technology*
• Have peace of mind from improved safety equipment*
• Appreciate new state-of-the-art design and aesthetics*   
*Listed are generalizations and may differ base on model, year, etc. Please see specs for desired model to compare to your current vehicle. 
What's My Car Worth? 

Thinking about trading your Mercedes-Benz or what your car is worth?

Have you been eyeing the newest Mercedes-Benz models and dreaming of an upgrade? What if we told you that current Mercedes-Benz owners have the potential to trade-up to one the latest models in our line-up, at the same or lower monthly payment? No matter what your credit, equity position or trade value looks like, our Trade Up experts can help you get into a new car with the latest safety features and technology!

New Mercedes-Benz 

Hard to believe? Here's why it's a win win!

Still skeptical? Let us explain why this programs benefits both parties. Through the Trade Up vehicle exchange program, we are able to offer our customers a viable upgrade option with excellent benefits. In return, our dealership gets a steady stream of quality used vehicles to feed our PRE-OWNED and CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED INVENTORY. Low-mileage, late year trade-ins are some of our best sellers and through this program we are able to keep up with the high demand for these vehicles. In the end, you get a new car to enjoy and we get the used cars we need to serve our customers.

Sounds Great! Where Do I Start?

Ready to upgrade? You can get started by browsing our selection of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles online. Then, get a jumpstart on your trade evolution with our car valuation tool. Simply enter your vehicle's information and get an estimated value in seconds! Remember, this is just a preliminary value and we can often give you even more for your vehicle after an in-person vehicle appraisal.

You can also start your Trade Up process by contacting our Trade Up Specialists. He can walk you through the process and help you choose the vehicle of your dreams while getting the most for your trade-in. Use the form below to reach out to her directly. 

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