Mercedes-Benz Battery Service Near St Louis, St Charles, Creve Coeur MO

While your Mercedes's engine may run on gas, all of the electrical components, including the headlights, interior electronics and turn signal lights, run off a car battery. When your car's battery is old, drained or otherwise not working properly, you may experience problems ranging from a sluggish engine start to leaking battery acid or a "check engine" light on your dashboard. Plaza Mercedes-Benz doesn't carry just any type of battery. We supply our Mercedes-Benz customers with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) batteries. What does that mean? It means that the batteries we place under the hood of your vehicle are designed specifically for your Mercedes-Benz. Don't trust an aftermarket brand! Depend on Plaza Mercedes-Benz for genuine, certified OEM batteries - and keep your car moving! Contact us today or schedule your appointment online to get your new Mercedes-Benz car battery!

Mercedes-Benz Battery Charging and Replacement Service In St Louis, St Charles, Creve Coeur MO

For most vehicles, your car battery should be properly disposed of and replaced with a new car battery after three years. If your battery is three years old or older & you are experiencing starting your Mercedes or a complete electrical failure caused by a dead battery, it's worth it to simply replace the old model rather than trying to jump start or charge the current battery. Whether it needs a simple charge or a complete replacement, the dedicated staff at Plaza Mercedes-Benz can properly diagnose your vehicle. Our knowledgable technicians, many of whom have been around cars for years, should be your first choice for service in the St Louis area. Come by today and visit our convenient metro St Louis location - serving all of St Louis, as well as places like St Charles and Creve Coeur!

Mercedes-Benz Battery Replacement and Service St Louis MO

Does your battery need to be changed? Or does it simply need to be recharged? Whatever the issue, Plaza Mercedes-Benz is your trusted service center for vehicle batteries!